Micah's Rule is a vocal trio originating from Wilmington, NC. Made up of Alto: Mary Anne Hewett, Baritone: Greg McCaw, and Contralto: Chasity Scott, and singing the very best in inspirational, gospel, southern gospel, black gospel, country, and rock stylings with powerful voices and intricate harmonies.

During the summer of 2011, these three powerful voices came together first to sing for the memorial service of Marcus Hewett Jr., the brother of trio member, Mary Anne Hewett. The experience was so natural and seemed so right that the trio just kept singing together for church services at St. Jude Metropolitan Community Church, where all three are members.

By the end of the year the trio had gained a significant level of local support so in January of 2012, Mary Anne, Greg, and Chasity began meeting together for weekly rehearsals, building a repertoire, and planning toward a recording project.

By November 2012 the trio was off to Nashville, TN to record with legendary producer, Mark Moseley of Mosrite Records. Their debut album, "Walk The Road", features original songs by Mary Anne Hewett and Chasity Scott and a variety of inspirational, gospel, and country music stylings.

To learn more about the members of Micah's Rule, go to their Biography page.

Micah's Rule is currently scheduling their "Walk The Road" 2013 Tour. For more information click on the 2013 Tour poster below or visit our Book Us page.

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